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Tesco. Argos. ASDA Facebook Scams

Well its almost Xmas and the Facebook scams are rife.  Over the last few days we have seen ASDA, Argos and now Tesco hit by Facebook scams offering people £500 for ‘liking’ them on Facebook and following links.

This  hit ASDA recently, Argos a few days ago and now Tesco is the favourite.  The same scammers are probably responsible for all of these campaigns and are just using different retailers to refresh the scam.

Facebook users are tricked into sharing the link with their online friends, in the belief that they will win a prize. Of course, the more that the link is shared the more traffic is driven to a website of the scammers’ own choosing – and they earn commission every time they trick users into filling in an online form requesting personal information.

Tens of thousands of users have already been duped – proving just how easy it is to be conned into sharing “special offer” links.
Of course, Argos, ASDA and Tesco have nothing at all to do with the scheme – but it’s their brand names which are being besmirched.

If you were fooled into participating in this scam remove the message from your newsfeed, so you are no longer spreading it with your online chums.

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