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Facebook WONT charge for access

There has been a lot of activity on Facebook over the last few days with people contacting all of their friends worried that Facebook will soon be charging to use it.  I have seen lots of ‘status updates’ where people have been told if they update their status with the information then they will not be charged an ongoing fee.

I would just like to say that this ‘Hoax’ has been doing the rounds for a long time now and rears it’s head every now and then.  But DON’T WORRY, Facebook has always said it will NEVER charge and to be honest they make enough money already from all the advertising.  In m opinion if they start to charge then they would lose customers at an alarming rate, even for a site the size of Facebook.

Now although not really a security issue it brings me onto something similar that is.  CHAIN EMAILS, I know we all get a lot of these on a regular basis and many people feel as though they just have to act upon it and send it onto all of their friends, or whatever the instructions tell you to do.  These are all “hoax’s” as well, all they do is fill up mailbox’s on servers, use up server resources and flood networks with junk that should just be deleted.

So next time you get a chain email telling you that “unless you forward it onto 20 of your friends the chain will be broken and you will receive bad luck for the next 7 years and never win the lottery”,  just delete it, that way the email telling you that you have won may actually make it through the system to your inbox 🙂

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